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Who you are by nature!


Your essence is your very core, your unchanging nature. Your talents, tastes and qualities are fixed in your essence. Think of qualities such as perseverance, loving or that happy egg you are known for. If we stand in our strength then we don't have to make an effort for this: these are the obvious core qualities that are in your nature. Each essence has its own energetic and physical characteristics. But sometimes you can be far away from your own nature and you feel lost or life costs you (too) much energy. I would like to help you investigate and integrate your core qualities and recognize your personality structure, so that you can (even) better use all the forces within yourself and learn to deal with  your pitfalls.


People cannot be placed in boxes, but we do like a certain grip. Below you can see which obstacles and forces apply to you. There may of course be overlaps, but you know best which Essence you draw to...

Your essence...



Freedom & Openness

In essence SPACE your soul strives for freedom and openness in connection with others.



  • Open personality

  • Versatile and broad interests

  • Sporty

  • Clear communication

  • Creatively


  • Getting bored quickly

  • Poor self-image

  • Looking for confirmation

  • Wanting to flee from situations


Strength & Courage

In essence POWER your soul strives forlust for life and we pursue it with inner strength and courage.



  • Enthusiastic go-getter

  • Likes challenges

  • Resolving power

  • Loyal

  • Born leader


  • Hard to make buttons

  • Victim role

  • Initiativeless

  • Doomsayer


Trust & Support

In essence SUPPORT your soul strives forinner confidence and giving support to others.



  • Decisive

  • Open visor

  • Rock in the surf

  • Helpful

  • Team player


  • Feeling of inadequacy

  • Bad boundaries

  • Get rid of yourself quickly

  • Loneliness


Peace & Power


Softness & Acceptance


Joy &Lightness

In essence PEACE your soul strives for inner peace with yourself and situations. You strive for mental peace and hold power over yourself.



  • Self love

  • Being able to set boundaries well

  • Dare to follow feeling

  • Well organized

  • Optimist


  • Analyzing too much

  • Worrying and doubting

  • Waiting

  • Control freak

In the essence of COMPASSION, your soul strives for inner acceptance and finding the softness within yourself.



  • Perseverance

  • Realistic

  • Empathetic

  • Nuanced

  • Creatively


  • Adjusting too much

  • Strictness to oneself

  • Rationalizing

  • Impatient

In the essence JOY, your soul strives for lightness within yourself and for meaning in life, specifically in what you do.



  • Open personality

  • Initiative rich

  • Easy to make contact

  • Team player

  • Creatively


  • Insecurity

  • Dreamer

  • Doomsayer

  • Doubter

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