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Discover who you are by nature and here
provide nutrition

“Don't dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be.
Dive deeply and fully into it.”


1-on-1 Coaching

To remember who you are deep down

Do you feel change is coming or needed?  A realization that inner patterns are getting in the way or that you have a secret leak but you don't know where? Sometimes we feel separated from everything or experience unrest in our body and in our head. A journey with me helps you get back to your core and to the aspects of life that are important to you. It is my mission to bring you to a place of inner trust and support. After my trajectory you will experience a firmer right to exist and live your true nature more and you know how to shape it, which gives you nutrition and zest for life.

My trajectories are real consciousness accelerators. I am a certified coach and use various methodologies: NLP, Hypnotherapy, solution-oriented coaching and in some cases I use a revolutionary psychometric measuring instrument (ACT tool)specially developed to identify inner patterns. This tool explains acquired and innate qualities and their developed or not developed competences. It shows where you are sensitive to stress and where you are not. It also shows what you had to develop as a child in terms of qualities and competences to compensate for something else. It also makes visible which beliefs you have built up internally and therefore what your building blocks are for your own view of humanity.

The result of the measurement provides a lot of insight into you and therefore a significant head start when we start working together. In addition to these wonderful methods, I also use my highly developed empathy. I work intuitively and combine that with my ability to think rationally. It makes me a sharp and compassionate coach with a real passion for sustainable life improvement of my fellow human beings.

I have a practice in Badhoevedorp, but also like to walk with my clients in nature or on the beach. 

I also guide individual journeys in Ibiza in a wonderful B&B in the middle of nature. 

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Sense Lifecoaching praktijk
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