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Retreat Villa


Would you like to come to Ibiza to gain insight into your potential, desires and become aware of what stands in the way of living your best life? Experience the sense of purpose again, freedom, fun, trust and zest for life!

What can you expect from this beautiful trip:


  • A journey of discovery full of adventure, personal development and enjoy!

  • A UNIQUE personality measurement to make your potential and talents visible!

  • Only an intensive morning program, free time in the afternoon

  • Delicious healthy food: they cook for nice is that!

  • Beautiful villa in Ibiza and nice outings

  • Wellness offer in the afternoon: Massages, yoga and hiking (optional)

  • Most of all... knowing, feeling and seeing where your strength is and where not, so that you can let it go.

  • Get insights and blueprint reporting that illuminates your path and shows you the way back to your destination! Ibiza is the place to open your heart to new insights and to let go of things that no longer serve you!

Why a retreat?

  • Take a break from the energy of your family or work to come to yourself 
  • Knowing what makes you  again happy and nourishes you with life energy!
  • Back to your core of creative power and inspiration
  • Clarity about what you have to do coming period from rest and pleasure 
  • Need for quarters to drop, because you know something is bubbling inside you! 
  • Experiencing peace, freedom and direction!
Our dates:

October 2019 - VOL
May 15 - 20 2021 Purpose & Talent Retreat - registration is already open!
June 2021 - Wellness & Awareness retreat - registration is already possible!
October 2021 - registration is already possible!
  • 6 days in oneluxurious villa in Ibiza;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included;
  • Purpose & Talent Session + ACT meeting valued at €325,-
  • Yoga (also for beginners);
  • Breathing session
  • 1x body massage
  • Nature walk followed by coffee/tea at a nice beach club
  • Massage is optional
Not included:
  • Airline ticket;
  • Insurances
  • Car rental (to be coordinated if necessary) 
  • Wellness to be booked on site: extra massage, Reiki)
  • Grab terraces
  • 1x lunch at gems of restaurants
  • 1x dinner at a special place
  • Extension of stay is possible and I am happy to help you with that!
Price €1495,- (excl. VAT)
Pay in 3  installments possible!
*Screening callis part of suitability for this trip
Trip will continue with at least 4 participants

Bali Retreat Sense YourSelf

Sense Your Inner Goddess

The journey we would like to go on ourselves. Truly the highlight of this year. The Inner Goddess retreat for women who want to experience the essence and connection with healing nature and the power of ceremonies.

On mama-Bali there is time and space for you. In an award-winning resort you can go on a journey of discovery to your true nature. Simply coming home to yourself and remembering how valuable you are.


Date: October 2023

What can you expect from this special trip?

  • Super deluxe hotel room with private pool and lounge

  • Healthy eco food

  • Sisterhood circles

  • Daily yoga for all levels

  • Flowers and blessing ceremony

  • Wonderful trips to magical places on the island

  • Transforming workshops

  • Wellness day with massages and healing

  • Fire ceremony


  • Return flight Bali

  • Own expenses during trips

  • Price €2200,- (excl. VAT)

  • Payment in installments possible!

    *Trip will take place with a minimum of 6 participants

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Other retreats: Sense Lifecoaching is part of SenseYourself retreats, check the website for more information about the retreats 
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