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Sunday April 24

Cocoa Ceremonies

There are various types of ceremonies from different cultures and have been given since time immemorial. The intention of a ceremony is to help you connect with Spirit or also called your higher Self. You can see this process as purification for body and mind and a helping hand to experience more connection with yourself and the other. Sharing things allows you to recognize and acknowledge yourself in another. You gain so much more insight, which makes certain themes that play in your life much softer. In many countries, for example, they do not experience depression or burnout. This is because emotions and obstacles are filtered much faster because people come together and learn to carry each other. In our society we have started to live more as individuals and are now also seeing the effect of this.


During my ceremonies I prefer to use cocoa, because cocoa is already instinctively recognized by most people as soft and loving. Cocoa is a safe and healthy plant medicine that has been used for centuries by the Mayans to get answers from the heart. The Mayans also called Cacao the food Food for the Shift. Cocoa was not accessible to everyone. It was only drunk by the elite, kings and chieftains. Only they were chosen to gain access to the gate of wisdom. Due to the intentions of the ceremonies, the ingredients and the sacred soil in which the cocoa tree grows, you come into a theta frequency faster, so that you come into contact with your Higher Self ... or your spirit.

Ceremonial cocoa works on 3 layers: The head (thoughts & Inspiration,) the belly (place of the emotions)... and thirdly the heart that connects these layers to feel and integrate love, strength and unity. In a subtle way, the cocoa... sometimes continues to work in your life for days afterwards. You just have to be open to wanting to open your heart to all the beautiful things your heart can whisper to you. And if you are open to receiving beautiful insights and heart whispers very subtly, beautiful things will happen.  

Cocoa the Food for the of the Gods

Proven health-promoting properties of cocoa:

The main component of chocolate, cocoa, contains antibacterial components, so it has an anti-inflammatory effect. The substance epicatechin can improve the natural effect of the body's own anti-inflammatory cortisol. The substance can therefore also have a positive effect on the effect of medication for COPD patients, for example

Natural anti-depressants: cocoa has a huge influence on your sense of well-being due to the substance phenylethylamine. Your body also produces this substance when you are in love. Phenylethylamine increases your energy level
and get you in a better mood.

The scent that cocoa gives off helps people relax and relieves them of stress, thanks to its influence on theta brain waves.


The higher the concentration of cocoa, the more positive the impact on cognition, memory, mood, resistance and other beneficial effects.

Magnesium has a stress-reducing effect and can help you relax if you quickly become overstimulated. Magnesium is important for the transfer of stimuli to your brain. If you are easily overstimulated, magnesium can help you make the world look less overwhelming.

Cocoa is great for people who have problems with their bad cholesterol. After all, it contains a type of unsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid, which is known to increase good cholesterol.

Cocoa is good for those who care about their weight. One cup of hot chocolate made from raw cocoa (preferably with almond milk) before a meal significantly reduces your appetite.

Cocoa contains flavonoids (flavanols) and have a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels and could prevent diabetes.

Anit-aging: study shows that cocoa contributes to reduced wrinkle formation and collagen degradation.

Cocoa contains a strong dose of specific minerals and nutrients that help to heal the body, detoxify the liver and kidneys

Mexican healers use cocoa to cure insect bites and bronchitis.


Source of minerals: Magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese.

Source: The unknown and unknown benefits of cocoa

Do you also want to discover the loving healing effect of cocoa for a healthy and strong body and in come into contact with your subconscious and inner strength so that you can receive various insights and healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level? Sign up for one of the Cacao ceremonies.

The next Retreat with ceremony is on April 24 in the Bronhoeve. This cocoa ceremony is part of a beautiful One-day retreat including. Breathwork, Yin Yoga, singing bowl massage and journaling. We activate the spring energy and start remembering our nature again and feel what may bloom in life. A day of peace, bliss and self-compassion. Sign up via the button below: 

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