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Dream goal workshop

NEW: Men's Retreat

A 3-day retreat for connection and softening

“Vulnerability is terrifying. The courage it takes to reveal your heart is one of the most daunting and yet rewarding experiences in Life. It will set you Free”

Men's Retreat

To remember who you are deep down

Are you ready for a gentle confrontation with yourself? Are you ready to let go of what is no longer right to make more room for your truth and desire? Then it is no coincidence that you end up at this retreat...

Bea and I have been guiding men who want to get in touch with their authentic selves for a few years now and with this retreat we bring our expertise together. From softness and firmness we facilitate this weekend to bring men back to inner peace and the power of vulnerability. This makes us feel the sincere connection with yourself and others. The masks are allowed off and the authentic man in you becomes visible. Our mission is to teach men to feel and experience more that the authentic adult man is a heartfelt leader. You no longer play a role and that feels much lighter and more authentic.

Why a Men's retreat with female spaceholders?
What we get back from our clients is that men quickly feel safe and can easily sink into peace and confidence. Our guidance creates more softness, openness and vulnerability. The (Yin) energy feels non-judgmental, maternal, loving and safe. In this energy it is easier to surrender to the processes of body and heart.


  • When: Weekend of April 28, 2023 

  • Where: Beautiful location in nature in the east of the country.

  • Full board: 3x daily healthy food.

  • Investment: €576,-

  • Facilitators: Bea Founder of Be-Academy & Claudia Robert Sense Lifecoaching & Retreats

It promises to be a valuable and transformative weekend. Registration is already possible!



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