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Stress sensitivity

A burnout trajectory introduces 7 types of susceptibility to burnout:

Vanitas- Insignificance

Accommodation- Amendment

Praestare- Responsibility

perfection- Perfection

sacrificatio- Sacrifice

Expectatio- Expectation

figures- Structure

We generally see that people often have a combination of 2 types.

Would you like to know more about the Burnout processes? Contact us without obligation:

Burnout recovery & prevention

To come back to yourself with more energy and self love

Never thought it would happen to you. You had everything done, you had everything under control…but suddenly BAM there it is. Your body says ENOUGH and takes over. No sleep, no energy, no clarity and zest for life anymore. There is worry, fear, panic… and chaos.

You are not alone. 1 in 5 people are stressed and experience burnout symptoms. Rest, time and proper guidance is then necessary to understand and feel why your system has been switched off. Just talking won't solve anything, and certainly not in the long run. Unfortunately, this is often the only approach through most well-intentioned resources


I like to work with your whole system, so together we will explore which inner patterns can give you resilience to handle the expectations of yourself and the outside world. After my journey you are a Self-expert. You know how you are programmed and how to whistle yourself back with leniency. You get clear boundaries and are more aware and self-confident. 


There are 7 main patterns of burnout susceptibility. These patterns show that burnout is often the result of unrestrained enthusiasm. These people lack the brakes for this inner enthusiasm that stems from patterns from the past. As an adult, we need to look at this again how you have decided to adapt to the expectations of the outside world. In short, during this process you will learn to look, experience and feel differently.

My trajectories include a multidisciplinary approach, consisting of a burnout sensitivity measurement, (emotion) coaching, lifestyle / nutritional advice and yin yoga to teach you to relax, which produces a sustainable result. You gain insight into unwanted patterns and stuck emotions. You learn to be in better contact with yourself and to listen to your body.


A free online introductory meeting is possible. Feel free to contact us for questions.

Burnout Senselifecoaching
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